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Patrick Sittnick

Patrick is the President of Kozmic Lazer Show, LLC. located in Nashville TN.   He has a Bachelor of Music in Composition and Theory.  This greatly enhances his ability to improvise on all genres of music and anticipate on the first hearing.  Patrick also is the inventor of all our wonderful toys.


Steve Evans

Steve is the Events Logistics for Kozmic Lazer Show, LLC.   He has a Bachelor of Communications.  Steve's role is to organize logistics on site.  His biggest attribute is to plan.  He is our Lead Crew Chief on the job as well.  It is Steve's ability to use his logic in the field and in the shop, to minimize time and money loss.


Michael Kimbrough

Michael is in charge of Programming inventions and Trouble shooting them as well.   He has a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering.  Michael best quality is his patience, especially when building all our wonderful toys.


Gregor Southard

Grergor our Event Coordinator for multi-vendor events.   He has a Master's in English and Theatre & Film; and brings an impresssive 11 years of being the Ryman's Stage Manager with him.  This background enhances his ability work with our most elite clientèle.  He is the one who will make your turn key event run smoothly.  Gregor is the newest member of our team.


Jim Hunter

Jim is our in house Genius.  He has a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering.  Make it work Jim...! "Ok..."  I have seen him build a satellite dish with only a mayonnaise jar, one pickle, a fork and some aluminum foil.   Jim makes my inventions stop melting into a liquid on the bench and makes them functional.   If you are ever stuck on an Island, Jim is the person you want with you.


Mike Hager

Mike is our in out of house Genius.  He has a Bachelor of Physics.  Mike is in charge of circuit board layouts and CAD drawings; long before the inventions are sent into production or released.   I forgot to mention, Mike actually builds lasers in his free time.



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