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Stage Effects:

KABUKI - CURTAIN DROP(video) KLS can make your entire front curtain drop from a truss to the floor, with the push of a key locked button. The system can also be used to unroll a flag or backdrop. It can accept any fabric of your choice, from 10'-200' feet wide. The system has a manual override in case of a power loss (solenoid systems cannot provide this crucial safegaurd).

CONFETTI CANNONSWedding Gold StreamersDoubled barreled air charged cannons. With the push of a key locked button, they launch confetti or streamers into the audience 40'-50' (Floor or Truss Mountable).

CONFETTI AIR BLOWERSSingle barrel Air charged blowers. They can launch a continuous feed of confetti or snow into the audience 35'-50' (Operator Required, Shoots 1 Lb of Confetti / Min Colors). 

CONFETTI ROSE PETAL BLOWER  (video) They gently and silently project a continuous feed of confetti Petals onto the floor 5'-10' Truss mountable.

CONFETTI CO2 BLOWERSSgle or Dual barrel CO2 charged blowers. They can launch a continuous BLIZZARD of confetti or snow into the audience 50'-100' (Operator Required, Shoots 1 Lb of Confetti / Sec).

BALLOON WALLS, POPS & DROPS,,,, KLS can fill the audience or stage with thousands of balloons that drop from the ceiling or catwalk (Colors). We can also pop 3 to 5 foot balloons filled with confetti, via a wireless remote control. Imagine the entire stage filled with a wall of balloons that disappear, with the push of a key locked button. The wall explodes to reveal your product, guest speaker or band.

CO2 JETSKLS can cover your stage or set piece with a 30-40 foot pillar of cyrogenic fog. Great for a rocket engine simulation.


DRY ICE KLS can cover your stage or set piece with a low hanging carpet of fog that flows over the stage or room entrance. This can generate an ethereal atmosphere.

SEARCHLIGHTSRooftopGreat for advertising or gayla events. KLS has searchlights that are both beautiful in the sky as they are cosmetically asthetic. They rotate to produce crossing beams into the sky. Powered by 110VAC (plug in the wall). This means you can use them inside an atrium, ballroom or arena with no noise, fire hazard, emissions or Fire Marshal concerns. Imagine them on each side of a stage or red carpet entrance (safe for human interaction). They are also able to travel in flight cases. (20"D x 20"W x 40"H, 150 lbs).

LASER WRITING .(.mov)KSay it in Lights !!!.... KLS has a new advertising tool in our arsenal. This system will write whatever you want on the side of your building wall, banner or on most surfaces. Indoors or outdoors, clear or rain. You can scroll text as large as you want; or include your own logo spinning in a pseudo 3D fashion. We use a Lime Green laser since it is the most eye catching color to humans. This has quickly become a favorite 'add on' with our searchlight clients. (Quicktime Player Needed, Free Downlaod at Quicktime)

SKY PUPPET 25' high nylon puppet with blower fan. Great for daytime advertising.



Laser Beam Effects:

Beam Table Kozmic Lazer Show's projector is designed to allow the operator to program a virtual infinite array of beams, which are bounced off of strategically placed mirrors to create effects ranging from majestic sculptures to blistering laser battles. This is an essential item for all shows, a photo can be see on our technical page under "Beam Projector."

Nano Scanners These Scanners can project moving beams and fans into the air, that dance in perfect sync with any music. They can also be used to project Text or Logos on to a surface. They are Lime Green and use a standard 2 amp wall outlet.

Laser TunnelThis effect is projected into free space, does not require a screen and creates a magical scene from which automobiles or people can be revealed. These digital tunnels can range in shape from circular, square and diamonds to customized soft drink bottles, cars or state outlines.

Sheet ScannersScanners are a very dramatic way to cover an area with horizontal undulating sheets of harmonics, or random popcorn beam effects. Excellent devices when mirror hangs are impractical.

ConesSimilar to the tunnel, but projected vertically to highlight a speaker or reveal a product.

DiffractionsProjected over an audience, they produce five to ten beam horizontal fans.

Flying 3D Beams Projected usually over an audience, it produces hundreds of complex horizontal and vertical moving fans and beams. A mesmerizing crowd pleaser! This is another wonderful effect to use where mirror hangs are impractical.

180 Degree Fan One of the most breath taking visual effects of the 20th century. A180 degree horizontal fan that fills the room with thousands of colored beams.



Laser Graphic Effects:

Corporate Logos Once Kozmic Lazer Show's art department programs your logo into the computer, they can manipulate that logo with an infinite number of possibilities, including rotation, spins, color changes, etc., all on-site. These can be stored for future playback. All graphic effects can be projected onto Screens, Cellings, Buildings, Mountains, Balloons or any reflective surface.

AnimationsKozmic Lazer Show's system is designed to store multiple forms of cell animations, which can be manipulated for location, speed, color, etc, on-site and then also stored for future playback.

Scrolling Text This option comes with Kozmic Lazer Show's digital graphics module and allows the operator to program in messages on-site. These messages are displayed in groups of characters which flow across the screen from right to left, much like traditional message booths

Programming Capabilities Kozmic Lazer Show's current computer has an extremely powerful software package which allows for on-site programming of laser logos, animations and abstract patterns, giving the producer the opportunity to manipulate size, rotation, movement and location of each image to match film or slides

Abstract ImageryKozmic Lazer Show's computer can create almost limitless abstract designs which can be modulated and changed to music or simply displayed for screen fills.

LumiaAbstract flowing projected effects which look like clouds or nebulae, provide a good background for Laser Graphics, Video, Slides Shows or other imagery.

Starfield Either still or rotating, this effect will project hundreds of beams or dots onto a screen, ceilling or air.



Pyrotechnic Effects:

SPARKLING CENTERPIECES14" high x 40sec duration. KLS can simultaneously trigger (via an encrypted wireless remote control system) as many table top sparklers as you need. Great for floral arrangements or table treatments. Creates a BIG -Oooh & Ahhh factor.

SPARKLING SIGNYour Logo 4' x 8' (or larger) 40 seconds of bright sparkling Logo. A great show stopper.

WATERFALL CURTAIN40 foot wide curtain of falling sparks from any height over 10'. ( If used inside, the stage floor must be protected ).

AIRBURST SYSTEM40 foot wide span of 21 in air explosions fire in a random sequence with a report, each having a 4-6' diameter or sparks. This is a popular effect to announce, open or close an event. ( Generally hung off a lighting truss or stage baton. Also can be rigged from ceiling ).

FLAME PROJECTOR These produce a 14-16' pillar of flame that last 2.5 seconds. A stunning effect that causes a lot of "Ooohs" from the audience ( They WILL feel the heat ).

FOUNTAINSFountain (Gerbs) Floor mounted, single or in a series, that produce a 8'-20' high pillar of sparks that last from 1/4 to 20 seconds.

FLASH POTSThis device produces a very bright flash with a loud report. It lasts 1/4 second.

FLARESThis device produces a very bright ball of light. Available in several colors, (green & red in photos).

FIRE BALLSFloor mounted, single or in a series. They produce a 8' high mushroom cloud of smoke and fire.

MICRO MINESFloor mounted, single or in a series, that produce a 25'-50' high plume of stars.

SAXONSA spinning pinwheel device that is mounted on a vertical pole or set piece. After spinning in one direction they reverse and start again. Nice and bright and adds movement on stage, (two silver in photo).

3 FOUNTAIN FAN3 Fountain (Gerbs) that produce a 8'-20' pillar of sparks that last from 1/4 to 20 seconds (your choice of time and color; gold, silver, other ) They look great as bookends on stage left & right.

CONCUSSION MORTAR(video)An Extremely loud explosion which needs local & venue clearance to ignite indoors. minimum of 25' from audience.e

SPARKLE POTSA vertical explosion of sparks that shoot upwards of 15-20' (your choice of gold or silver) They look powerful and are great to use as a backdrop upstage.

CUSTOM PYRO EFFECTS . Various Pyro Stunts.

If you do not see the effect you are wanting, give us a call. We love to invent things.




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